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    Boarding House: 146-148 The Terrace


    c.r.. 9/140 "oar ding House 146 -1 48
    the terrace.[...]
    [...]tho ci,-cll in and cut'bui din"a at No. 144 The Terrace are required to be
    do-aolichad the p[...]iuo tail dinw;s aituatod at Nos 1X12, 146, 1,1 8 and 150 "3,1c To race rit ' do[...]
    [...]105-109 THE TERRACE,[...]the next week for the properties Nos. 146, 148 and 150 The
    Terrace, to comprise only 5 single tenancies in each case[...]arranged for the work you require to 146 and 148 namely the
    installation of a[...]try of Works regarding
    these Terrace and Rosina Terrace properties, and have now
    sub[...]ents and that all the Rosina
    Terrace properties will be occupied by the Crown and our[...]remain in control only in Nos. 142 to 150 The Terrace, and then
    only on a t[...]
    [...]PITW'+I:SI S t 148 ME[...]
    [...]9th Docember, 1963•
    Mrs. EXeD. Bailey s
    146-14g Tho Terrace '
    wrLT,ZPnoTw, C.P.

    Door 'VaGlsn,[...]era7r Boardinv►,h ou= -
    146 -146 Tho Torraca.

    A recent inspection of tho above p[...]
    [...]?..5ennott of 146-1A►8 Tno Terrace.. City.
    You are hereby Licensed by[...]ises), 1944, to use the premises situated at 146 --148 The

    Ter: anz..
    in the City of W[...]
    [...]t City Engineer.

    RE: 146-148 THE TERRACE.
    (MONTEREYrBOARDIN[...]e occupiers of that part of the premises kncwn as 146 the
    Terrace waited on me this morning and complained o[...]
    [...]944, to use the premises situated at

    in the City of Wellin[...]
    [...]14th May ,1947 •
    Miss G.E. Bennett,
    146-.1q8 The Terrace

    Rn: PR71F,19E3: 146-148 THE TERR AC', .

    Dear Madam,[...]
    [...]NGTON 0.1.

    RE: P SES _ 146-149 TNT TERRACE.

    Dear Sirs,

    [...]•AN Of •'Sl8 THE TERRACE liv •a/[...]
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