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Community Archives

Wellington City Archives holds archives on the following individuals and organisations.


Auxiliary Traffic Corps (1967-1984)

A voluntary group set up to help Wellington City Council with traffic control. The collection contains the papers of a group member.

Barney Daniel (1964-1980)

Records of anti-motorway campaigner, Barney Daniel.

Brooklyn Progressive Association (1939-2001)

The records of the Brooklyn Progressive Association (which came into being about 1957) and its predecessor, The Brooklyn District Municipal Electors Association.

Carter Observatory (1863-2001)

The collection contains the records of the Carter Observatory (established 1940) and other earlier astronomy groups in Wellington - the Wellington Philosophical Society, the Wellington City Observatory and the Wellington Planetarium Society.

Centennial Exhibition Company (1936-1941)

This company was set up to organise an international exhibition in Wellington marking the centenary of New Zealand's official settlement by the New Zealand Company in 1840.

Citizens' Caucus (1966-1989)

The Citizens' Caucus consisted of councillors elected under the ticket of the anti-Labour Party Wellington Citizens' Association. The grouping was the dominant force on the Council in the mayoralties of Michael Fowler and Ian Lawrence.

Colonial Cottage Museum Society (1973-2002)

This society was set up to get a colonial cottage museum for Wellington. It then went on to furnish and manage the museum.

Early Settlers' and Historical Association of Wellington (1842-about 1910)

The collection contains items gathered by the Early Settlers and given to Wellington City Council. It includes photographs and other items relating to early Wellington, as well as some of the association's own records.

East Vogeltown Progressive Association(1926-about 1984)

The objectives of this residents and ratepayers association were to "further the progression and advancement of East Vogeltown".

Embassy Theatre Trust (1994-2005)

Formed to secure a property suitable for state-of-the-art film and other arts activities. From 1994, owning the Embassy Theatre became the Trust’s goal. The New Zealand premiere of Peter Jackson’s 'The Frighteners' was the first major event to be held by the Trust at the theatre.

Fisher, George (1878-1896)

George Fisher was twice mayor of Wellington and a prominent politician. The collection consists of several illuminated addresses presented to Fisher by citizens and councillors.

Historic Places Trust Wellington Branch (1973-2002)

One of 23 New Zealand Historic Places Trust branches, Wellington has undertaken a number of significant projects, including photographic documentation of streetscapes. The archives include business records and collected photographs.

Island Bay Surf Life Saving and Surf Club (about 1926-1984)

Established in 1912 as the Island Bay Sunbathing and Swimming Club, the Club provides patrols on the Island Bay beach and nearby beaches. It started the Cook Strait Boat Race and many members have swum Cook Strait.

Karori Hockey Club (1905-2006)

The Karori Hockey Club was started in 1899. The archives include club records and photographs, Wellington Hockey Association reports and circulars.

Kelburn West Residents' Association (1946-about 1962)

This association was originally formed in 1929 to lobby for the suburb's transport needs. It continued to work to get facilities for its community until it merged to form a larger association.

JJ Niven & Co Ltd (1885-1939)

An engineering firm set up in Wellington in the 19th century and operating here until 1973. The collection contains a number of financial records.

Scorching Bay Ladies Surf and Life Saving Club (1955-1978)

The Club concentrated on training as many qualified members as possible, taught youngsters to swim, patrolled the beach, gave instructions to the public and provided lectures in the district.

Tawa Community Theatre (1953-2003)

This collection contains records relating to the Tawa Community Theatre and Tawa Linden Drama Society, including programmes and photographs.

Tawa Poll Information Group (1987-1994)

The records of a group of Tawa individuals who formed a loose association to poll residents on their views about amalgamation with Wellington.

Townsend, Chauncey (1842)

A letter from Chauncey to a friend in England about his new life in Wellington.

Union Steam Ship Company Co Ltd (1875-1989)

One of the most successful international commercial organisations ever begun by New Zealanders. It started in Dunedin and in 1922 its head office shifted to Wellington. Other company records can be found at the Hocken Library in Dunedin.

Waterfront Watch (1995-2001)

Waterfront Watch is a group of citizens that has campaigned since 1995 to control development on the Wellington waterfront.

Wellington Competitions Society Inc (1918-78)

The Wellington Competitions Society was one of the earliest competition societies in New Zealand. Many competitors at its festivals later achieved prominence in their chosen field, including Kiri Te Kanawa, Inia Te Wiata and Patricia Payne.

Wellington Gas Company Ltd (1869-1980)

This collection contains records from 1870 until Wellington Gas Company Ltd became one of a number of subsidiaries of Welgas Holdings Ltd.

Wellington Harbour Board (1880-1988)

Wellington Harbour Board was set up to run the port of Wellington. It ended when the Port Companies Act was passed in 1988, abolishing harbour boards and requiring the formation of companies to manage commercial port operations.

Wellington Hospital Nurses Reunion and Chapel Association (1960-2005)

This association was established by and for nurses trained or employed at Wellington Hospital. Its principal mission became funding and building a chapel at the hospital.

Wellington Sculpture Trust (1990-2001)

The Wellington Sculpture Trust commissions contemporary public sculpture to support the creative arts, and enhance Wellington's cityscape. Records deal with the commissioning of works by many well known New Zealand sculptors.

Wellington Show Association Inc (1926-1994)

A group of Wellington merchants formed this association to promote their activities and show the public what locally-manufactured and imported goods were available. The association operated the Wellington Show and Sports Centre and organised trade fairs and other events.

Wrights Hill Reserve Committee (1982-2003)

This group of volunteers started and managed the maintenance and native planting of Wrights Hill Reserve in Karori, developed a revegetation plan, and constructed the lookout. The group was originally a subcommittee set up by the Karori Progressive Association.