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Please Read This First


You will not be able to view building permits and issued building consents as they are held behind a paywall. To access these you will need to order digital copies.

 Residential building consent search
  • If you want all the building permits and issued building consents for a single residential property, you can order these for $65 here.
 Online property search
  • If you want to search and see which building permits and consents exist for residential and commercial properties, and then request the specific items that you need, you can register and order copies through this site.
  • In the case of commercial properties, it helps us to know exactly what you are looking for, as commercial properties often have many files associated with them. If you require more information on how to search and request items, please refer to the User Guide.
  • The cost for building permits and issued building consents is $25 each.



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