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About the data

City Archives holds more than 800,000 items, spanning 1840 to the present day.  Most of this material was created by Wellington City Council (and its predecessors), to document what it did, why it did it and who was involved.

The level of completeness of the data does vary, depending on the standards of the day and time available to document the material when it was originally created and when it was transferred to City Archives.


What types of information do we have?


We document notable people who are related to the records we hold.  They may have been prominent Wellingtonians, Council staff who held significant roles in the organisation, people who were involved in the creation of records (e.g. photographers, architects, property developers), or people who feature in a record. This makes it easier to browse for related items, and also find out about the people themselves.


You can use places to identify records connected to that place in some way. We’ve documented significant places that are referenced in our holdings and will keep adding new places.  Some of the kinds of places we’re documenting are buildings, suburbs, streets, parks. E.g. Wellington Botanic Gardens


Our definition of ‘event’ is that is was timebound, took place for a clear reason and has some significance in the history of our city, e.g. the Centennial Exhibition in 1940 or Nissan Mobil 500 that ran on a street circuit on the Wellington waterfront from 1985 to 1996.


These define a mandated area of responsibility carried out by councils, e.g. waste management, licensing and permissions. They can help you find records related to that function, so are useful for general research into work Council does and finding records related to a specific Council function.  We use the ALGIM IM Toolkit Terms for Council list of local authority functions. 


Activities break functions (see above) down into more granular operational activities of Council, e.g within the function of waste management, there are activities of rubbish collection, stormwater management and waste minimisation.  These are useful if you need a more granular way to find records relating to the work of Council.  We use the ALGIM Toolkit for Council list of location authority activities.


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