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About Us

About Us

Wellington City Archives has over 800,000 items in its collections.  The earliest records date back to 1840 and the most recent cover the present day. 

Information about all 800,000 records (metadata) is being progressively added to Archives Online, along with a digital copy of a record, where one is available.  So far, about 15% of the holdings are digitised and we’ll get them online over the next few months.  We’ll keep adding material, so check back if what you’re looking for isn’t here yet.

Archives Online is part of a wider programme to make Wellington City Council’s archives more accessible and to offer our services online.  You’ll be able to search our holdings, from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime.  Many of our digitised records  are available for download (check the licence to see what kind of use is permitted).  You’ll also soon be able to ask us to digitise a record for you, for a fee, through the service.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, the original records can still be viewed at City Archives’ Wellington Office, by arrangement.