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People, places, events and other records dating back to 1840. This includes building permits, consents and other property information, along with all sorts of heritage information about our city.

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j. Farewell to Sir Bernard Fergusone. Civic Square at night, approx 8pmCopy: Abortion, Apartheid, Unions, Nuclear (posters, handouts, protests)Panoramas - Harbourd. Coat of ArmsBuilding Retaining Wall, Central Terrace, Kelburna. No 98 Tiber Stb. Wagga-Wagga Pipe BandCivic Centre - ReconstructionWest corner of Allen Street and Courtenay Place, damage by earthquake being cleared away.Cuba Mall, demolition of Evans's and Hope Brothers buildingsa. Access, No 117 Sefton StCivic Centre - ReconstructionIsland Bay, from above Erskine CollegeSummer City - Raft Racea. Sump educatora. Airport Drainaged. Drainage, Job 9880. Drainage Reserve Trunk Sewer Relayh. No 5 Creswick Terrace (Mrs McKenzie)a. Waterloo Quayh. Zoo miniature railwayGlasgow StreetFestival of the Arts, exterior of St James TheatreCity Scapes, Shed 5 restaurant on Queens WharfUnite against COVID-19, Facebook post, Covid-19 Case UpdateParks and Recreation - Botanical Gardensu. Reception, Victoria Universityaa. Abattoirs, details of conveyor systemParaglider on Oriental BayCivic Centre ReconstructionSummer City, Begonia House entertainmenta. Buildings and shops, from Featherston Streete. Traffic Buildingsb. Newtown Flats, Official Openingf. 58 Stanley St, collapsed 6 inch sewera. Model of stadiume. Reception, traffic houseShowroom of the Wellington City Council Electricity Departmentb. Telephone operator, Corporation yarda. Alleged accident, Abel Smith StMobil Street Racea. Footpath, No 120 The TerraceCivic Centre Reconstruction

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