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People, places, events and other records dating back to 1840. This includes building permits, consents and other property information, along with all sorts of heritage information about our city.

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Civic Centre ReconstructionCambridge Terrace, Kent Terrace, Courtenay Place: building facades for eyebolt placementb. Unidentified piece of equipment in the Council LaboratoryNgaioPortrait of Mayor R.L. MacAlister & Mrs. MacAlister for 'Mirror'c. Buildings, The TerraceCivic Centre Reconstructiong. Interior, Town Hallj. Presentation by Sir Ian McLennan, Traffic Safety WeekFrank Kitts Park, chess game eventVarious parks and gardensLombard Street - 29 May 1968 Summer City - Hotter Than EverSummer Cityk. Interior and exterior views of a two storey wooden dwelling. Faulty plumbing and wiringa. No 22 Vivian Stc. Akatarawa ForestSummer Cityd. Stewart DriveCaravans with graffiti in Civic SquareSummer Cityc. Model, Town Plani. Miss Cutterf. Streetscape, Hobart Street, Miramarb. Elgin Sumper no 618Parks and RecreationCopy: Abortion, Apartheid, Unions, Nuclear (posters, handouts, protests)ax. Substandard dwellingsa. Streetscape, Ranui Crescent, Khandallah

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